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  • RU-58841


Item No.: CAS: 154992-24-2
Product Name: RU-58841
CAS: 154992-24-2
MF: C17H18F3N3O3
MW: 369.341
Uses: Avoid hair loss

RU58841 is a specific androgen receptor antagonist or a so called anti-androgen. This non steroidal topical androgen antagonist was investigated for therapeutic value in androgenetic alopecia and acne.

In studies and clinical trials RU58841 has shown to:

1. Strongly compete against DHT
2. Increase cellular replication rate in the matrix cells
3. Increase cellular proliferation of outer root sheeth cells
4. Increase hair diameter and hair density
5. Increase the percentage of hair in the anagen phase
6. Exert no negative effect on body hormone levels
7. Provide equivalent or better net growth than Finasteride

RU58841 works by binding to the androgen receptor in the hair follicle. Therefore androgens don’t have the chance to bind and start the chain reaction of androgenetic alopecia and begin the so called miniaturization process. It has been demonstrated to interrupt this hair loss message locally so that normal hair growth could continue.

We at anageninc provide this compound in an unique stable route of synthesis form which is extremely stable in solid and solution form which has been demonstrated by our R&D laboratory. The results are very encouraging which show that he current anageninc route of synthesis is stable for at least 6 months at room temperature. Whereas regular synthesis usually show signs of molecular degradation within 4 weeks.

Product Information:

Content50 ML Ru58841 Solution (Slightly overfilled to ensure 50 ML)
Bottle: Transparent PET bottle( No Aluminum)
Stability: Stable for at-least 7 months at room temperature, tested by HPLC / 1H NMR. Purity remains 99%.

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