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Raw Steroid Powder Stanolone
  • Raw Steroid Powder Stanolone

Raw Steroid Powder Stanolone

Item No.: CAS: 521-18-6
Product Name: Stanolone
CAS register number: 521-18-6
EINECS: 208-307-3
Molecular formula: C19H30O2
Molecular weight: 290.44
Melting point: 178-183℃,
Assay: 99% min.
The main androgen which is secreted by the testes is of course testosterone. However, in most of the body, the androgenic sign is not carried through by testosterone. In these tissues inluding brain (CNS), skin, genitals - practically everything but muscle - the active androgen is actually dihydrotestosterone (DHT).


Stanolone is used for chronic wasting disease, osteoporosis, severe infection and trauma, burn, etc caused by the negative nitrogen balance, promote the growth of premature infants and immature, etc. The fracture is not easy to heal. Hypercholesterolemia and postpartum depression can also be used.


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