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Raw Prohormone Powder Methylstenbolone
  • Raw Prohormone Powder Methylstenbolone

Raw Prohormone Powder Methylstenbolone

Product Name: Methylstenbolone
Molecular Formula: C21H32O2
Molecular Weight: 316.5
Purity: 99%
Grade: Pharmaceutical Grade
Appearance: White Crystalline Powder
Bodybuilding Benefits

Methylstenbolone is a DHT derived prohormone that provides lean mass gains with low water retention. It provides increases in mass, size, and strength. Unlike superdrol, Methylstenbolone retains little to no water retention meaning you can bulk up without losing definition. This will provide the look of much fuller muscles. Many people after experiencing methylstenbolone prefer it over superdrol. 

As stated earlier, Methylstenbolone is derived from DHT, for users this means that aromatization is virtually impossible,so it does not convert to an estrogenic metabolite or have any affinity for the progesterone receptor, so estrogen mediated side effects should be virtually non-existent.This is big news in the bulking and mass building prohormone world.

Methylstenbolone Side Effects

As a methylated compound, and displaying a very high resistance to being metabolized, Methylstenbolone is liver toxic. 

Side effects of cycling Methylstenbolone are not that common if users cycle with proper cycle support and follow up with Post Cycle therapy. The most common side effects are feeling lethargic, increased aggression, joint pain, decreased libido and experiencing back pumps. Back pumps can easily be avoided or treated by using the amino acid Taurine. Joint pain can be avoided and treated by taking proper Joint Care. The least common side effect would be estrogen related side effects such as gyno. 

These side effects are as follows:

•Decreased Libido/Sexual Function
•Lethargy / Fatigue and tiredness
•Increased hair growth / Increased hair shedding
•Puffy / Sensitive Nipples
•Joint Discomfort
•Back Pumps (Dull pain in back after/during workouts) (Resolved through drinking more water, loading up on glucosamine, joint repair, and L-Taurine.)
•Increased aggression, head aches, flushing and various other sides can happen as well.

Methylstenbolone Dosage & Cycle

Methylstenbolone is usually ran anywhere from 3-4 weeks (21-30) days, and dosed around 4-16mg per day with proper liver care.
We recommend that you take 2 caps spread throughout the day, once upon rising and once before sleeping to ensure best results.Due to the extreme potency and toxicity of using methylstenbolone, we strongly advise all our customers not to use the compound methylstenbolone for no longer than 4 weeks.

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