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Mepivacaine HCl
  • Mepivacaine HCl

Mepivacaine HCl

Item No.: CAS: 1722-62-9
Product Name:Mepivacaine hydrochloride
CAS NO.:1722-62-9
Molecular Formula:C15H23ClN2O
Molecular Weight:282.81
Grade:Pharmaceutical Grade
Mepivacaine is a local anesthetic of the amide type. Mepivacaine has a reasonably rapid onset (more rapid than that of procaine) and medium duration of action (shorter than that of procaine) and is marketed under various trade names including Carbocaine and Polocaine.

Mepivacaine is used in any infiltration and regional anesthesia.

It is supplied as the hydrochloride salt of the racemate.

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