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Levobupivacaine HCl
  • Levobupivacaine HCl

Levobupivacaine HCl

Item No.: CAS: 27262-48-2
Product Name:Levobupivacaine hydrochloride
CAS NO.:27262-48-2
Molecular Formula:C18H28N2O.HCl
Molecular Weight:324.89
Appearance:white powder
Grade:Pharmaceutical Grade

Levobupivacaine is a local anaesthetic drug belonging to the amino amide group. It is the S-enantiomer of bupivacaine,it is a reversible neuronal sodium channel inhibitor, used as a long-acting local anesthetic.

Levobupivacaine hydrochloride is commonly marketed by Abbott under the trade name Chirocaine.

Compared to bupivacaine, levobupivacaine is associated with less vasodilation and has a longer duration of action. It is approximately 13 percent less potent (by molarity) than racemic bupivacaine and has a longer motor block onset time.

Levobupivacaine has similar nerve blocking potency with bupivacaine. Levobupivacaine at a dose of 0.125%, inhibits motor and nocifensive pinch responses with maximum %MPE of 99 and 68 respectively, and inhibits the duration of deficits of motor and nocifensive pinch responses (60 and 30 , respectively) after sciatic nerve block.



Test Items
Specification Test Results
Description White or almost white crystalline powder White crystalline powder
Melting Point 191.0~193.0ºC 192ºC
Loss of drying ≤1.0% 0.5%
Heavy Metal ≤20ppm 15ppm
TLC Only one spot Only one spot
Assay ≥99.5% 99.91%
Conclusion It complies with the USP 32.

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