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  • L-Tryptophan


Item No.: CAS 73-22-3
Product Name:L-Tryptophan
CAS NO.:73-22-3
Molecular Formula:C11H12N2O2
Molecular Weight:204.23
Grade:Food/Feed Grade,Pharmaceutical Grade
Appearance:White Powder
Amino acids are the basic material needed to constitute animal nutrition protein. Animals of the amino acids are L-shaped, so the animal feed L-amino acids can be a good use of some synthetic amino acids are D-type microorganisms also have D-type, for D-amino acids some animals can make good use of some relatively poor utilization. Methionine, cystine, glutamic acid, leucine, phenylalanine, proline and tyrosine either L or D-type, can be a good use of the animal, so now synthetic, added to feed is DL-methionine, and L-lysine.

Amino acids in animal nutrition important role are:
(1) material is a synthetic protein.
(2) to participate in a variety of important physiological activities.
(3) to provide energy.
(4) is necessary for animal production.

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