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Dyclonine HCl
  • Dyclonine HCl

Dyclonine HCl

Item No.: CAS: 536-43-6
Product Name:Dyclonine Hydrochloride
CAS NO.:536-43-6
Molecular Formula:C18H27NO2.HCl
Molecular Weight:325.87
Grade:Pharmaceutical Grade
Dyclonine is an oral anaesthetic that is the active ingredient of Sucrets, an over the counter throat lozenge.It is also found in some varieties of the Cepacol sore throat spray. It is a local anesthetic, used topically as the hydrochloride salt.

Dyclonine hydrochloride has been found to possess, in addition to its topical anesthetic properties, significant bactericidal and fungicidal activity. Self-sterilizing action manifested by preparations containing the drug was considerably enhanced upon the addition of chlorobutanol.
Results of in vitro tests employing microorganisms commonly involved in local infections indicated that the two agents in combination act synergistically.

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