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  • Dibucaine


Item No.: CAS 85-79-0
Product Name:Dibucaine, Cinchocaine
CAS NO.:85-79-0
Molecular Formula:C20H29N3O2
Molecular Weight:343.46
Appearance:white powder
Grade:Pharmaceutical Grade
Usage: for Local Anesthetic

Cinchocaine is a local anaesthetic. Local anaesthetics are drugs that remove feeling and pain, and numb a particular area of the skin.

In South Africa cinchocaine is included in ointments and suppositories for the relief of haemorrhoids and other painful or itching conditions of the anal or rectal area.

This medication does not cure the condition being treated, but simply keeps the symptoms under control. For it to be effective, it has to be applied regularly.

How does cinchocaine work?

Cinchocaine works by temporarily blocking the pathway of pain signals along nerves.

What does it do?

Cinchocaine is used for the numbing of a localised area of the skin, in other words to relieve the symptoms associated with haemorrhoids, and related skin conditions in the anal and rectal region.

User information:

Onset of effect: within 10 minutes

Duration of action: several hours

Prolonged use: treatment should be limited to a few days only.

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